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Already watched by millions, Major Ed Dames' FREE Killshot DVD warning has brought global awareness that the Killshot is coming! George Noory from Coast to Coast AM praised this DVD and encouraged everyone to watch it. If you don't have your FREE copy, get it now!

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Why can't more be revealed online or on the radio?

This is one the most frequently asked questions regarding the Killshot and topics related to globaL human and ET agendas. First, it needs to be stated that Major Ed Dames has worked tirelessly to provide warning about upcoming disasters on national radio and TV across the world included his repeated warning about the Japanese nuclear disaster (Fukushima website) and giving away countless FREE Killshot DVDs worldwide; all funded from his own pocket!

As you may know, Major Ed Dames was involved in exteememly high level black operations in miliary intelligence even before he took control of the top secret military Remote Viewing program. Much of the infromation being discussed behind-closed0-doors at this event that related to not only Killshot santuary locations and precurser events, inclused information and diocussions regarding global agencies, operations, wepaon systems and knowledge regarding ET intervention that still can not be revealed publically over national RV or radio programs. This is also why a signed non-disclosure agreement is required to enter the event.

Live events from Major Ed Dames can be truly life changing and thousands of attendees from all over the US continue to be astonished by what they learn and experience. This is one reaosn why Ed Dames' events fill up FAST and almost always sell out!

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